Politics of the Past and the Present

Politics of the Past and the Present

The changes and continuities of conflict in Eastern Congo’s petit Nord-Kivu

This study offers a longue durée analysis of the factors underpinning instability in northern Masisi and western Rutshuru, especially around the town of Kitchanga, a geographical pivot of armed politics in the Petit Nord-Kivu. As stabilization efforts have failed to address the root causes of conflict, the per-petuation of insecurity continues to complicate efforts towards sustainable peace and development in this area.

While many analyses address either historical events or the ongoing insecurity in this area, this report examines current dynamics through their long-term historical context and continuity. Based on qualitative interviews, digital ethnography, analytical memories, long-term research and discourse analysis, it outlines how conflict over custom, land and political power have framed violence, insecurity and manipulation.

by Amir Sungura, Ndakasi Ndeze, Murenzi Mbamba, Hadji Rugambwa and Limbo Kitonga



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