Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies
Gulu University

Prof. Dr. Tenywa Aloysius Malagala

Prof. Dr. Tenywa Aloysius Malagala is professor at the Institute of Peace and Strategic Studies is part of Gulu University, which is a government University based in Northern Uganda.

It is their mission to provide excellent quality education, research, training and dissemination that shall promote academic and practical growth in peace, research and strategic studies through professionalism and sustainable response to community conflicts.

 The Institute has the following main focal points: 1) Intellectual inquiry, action-oriented research and community outreach programming activities in the fields of peace, conflict and development studies; humanitarian and human rights interventions, and remains open to any other discipline that bears relevance to peace and needs of the community. 2) Contribute towards improved community peace and enjoyable livelihoods in a region that has been severely traumatized by decades of atrocious armed conflict that ran for over two decades (1986-2006). 3) Commitment to international, regional and national collaborative partnership and networking for peace work