Ni paix, ni guerre ?

Ce rapport analyse le contexte sécuritaire dans le territoire de Kalehe au Sud-Kivu, depuis les opérations menées par les FARDC contre le CNRD en décembre 2019 et jusqu’à la résurgence des violences dans cette zone en mai 2021.

It Takes (More Than) Two to Tango

This report investigates the politics of demobilization in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. In a bid to inform the evolving P-DDRCS, it analyzes dynamics of mobilization and demobilization, accounting for the fragmen- tation of conflict in recent years.

The Old is Dying and The New Cannot Be Born (Yet?)

This report is the first systematic review of SSR in the DRC since the Tshisekedi presidency began. It analyzes the general state of affairs of the Congolese security forces in the context of the state of siege that has been declared since May 2021 in the provinces of North Kivu and Ituri.